I am beyond excited to announce the release of my first eBook, Intro To Epoxy Resin Floral Preservation by Addy Marie Designs! So much work has gone into creating an eBook where all of the information you need to start this amazing craft is right at your fingertips. When I first started I spent countless hours, days, and months researching on Google, Instagram, Youtube, etc. trying to find all of the little tips and tricks, materials, and How To's regarding using epoxy resin, but also starting my floral preservation journey. I hope this book can be beneficial to you all, and that it will save you some time while you start your own journey through the wonderful craft of resin!


See below photos for previews of a couple of the pages included - 50+ page document

Here’s What's Included:
▪️Full Material & tools list with in-depth information on when to use each product and why each is important (with links & discount codes)
▪️Why using epoxy resin is great for preserving flowers 
▪️Deep dive into drying flowers, how to recharge your silica gel, storing your silica, and how to remove flowers from silica, as well as which flowers tend to be more difficult to worth with
▪️How to mix and pour resin properly as well as helpful tips and tricks to reduce bubbles, imperfections, how many layers to pour, and how to prevent common mishaps when pouring
▪️ How to finish a floral block to make it look polished and to give it a complete look (sanding, polishing, flood coats, etc.)
▪️ Additional tips and tricks as well as information for solving common problems while using epoxy resin
▪️ The importance of resin safety and PPE
▪️ Helpful checklists to keep on-hand

$5 of every order will go to our annual Addy Marie Designs fund in support of the American Diabetes Association. Each year Addy Marie Designs donates these funds on December 31st in support of those with diabetes. In 2019 we raised roughly $700, and in 2020 we exceeded this amount and raised $1,054!

Intro To Epoxy Resin Floral Preservation

  • Please note that the photos included are only a few pages to show a preview of what will be included in the eBook. There will be a total of 50+ pages inlcuded in the eBook.