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Addy Marie Designs was founded by Ashley Akers in 2019 and specializes in epoxy resin floral preservations. To-date we have completed over 2,000 orders and have created over 8,000 individual floral items!

This company was made out of a desire to create art that make people happy. I believe there is so much beauty, meaning, and life that is held within each flower that we touch. This is why we include them in weddings, special gatherings, birthdays, funerals, and anniversaries.


The first floral preservation I ever created was from my grandmother's funeral flowers. I made small blocks as a surprise for my family members as a way for them to hold a memory of our grandmother with us all, forever. It brings absolute joy to my heart to know that I now can offer this service to others whether it's to hold the memory of a loved one, or to remember a special day. 

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