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how the magic happens

packaging your flowers

It is important to take extra care in packaging your flowers. The best way to ship your bouquet is to leave it fully intact. Use packing peanuts or newspaper/tissue paper to cushion your bouquet/flowers. If you do not want to send your entire bouquet or floral arrangement, please carefully remove the flowers you'd like to send and wrap the stems in a damp paper towel. Place the florals in a Tupperware container - please make sure they are not squished.

*Please ship either overnight or 2-day shipping. Damage, delays, or lost packages being sent by the customer are not the responsibility of Addy Marie Designs.

You will receive a more detailed shipping instruction email after booking and paying your deposit!

Making a Bouquet
Flower Arrangement

trim and dry flowers

We professionally dry your flowers in high-quality silica gel. Silica gel works wonders for drying flowers, as it preserves the shape and color of the flower unlike other techniques like hanging upside down, refrigeration, hairspray, etc. Once the flowers are fully covered in silica gel, they will stay in a cool, dry place in an air-tight container until we are ready to design your order!

remove from silica gel and design

When we are ready to design your order, we will look over your submitted Design Form. Once I feel I have the perfect design, I send you photos to receive feedback and approval. We will tweak the design until both parties feel it is perfect!


pouring the resin

Resin art is a time-sensitive process that requires multiple layers of resin, each layer taking 24-hrs to cure before pouring the next! I personally use iCoat Epoxy Resin for my casting resin because it has minimal bubbles, and does not overheat the flowers during the curing process. It is also UV-Resistant and will stay crystal clear for many years. After 7-8 layers, I allow 24 hours before pulling the floral block from the mold. Most blocks take 1.5-2 weeks to complete and ship out once the pouring process begins. 

*This timeline does not take into account add-on items

the finishing touches

Once the preservation has cured for 24 hours, I pull the floral block out of the mold, take photos to send to the customer, and package the floral blocks and add-ons to send out! Each floral block or add-on comes in a pink velvet Addy Marie Designs bag. Your beautiful preservations will be shipped to your home and will be all yours to display, forever!

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let's talk expectations!


helpful information

Please refer to the FAQ page on our website for additional information on the process, products used, common questions, lead-times, etc.

Addy Marie Designs is always here to answer your questions. If you cannot find what you're looking for, please either send us an email or utilize the chat feature on our website.

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