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floral events we preserve for

Flowers are beautiful expressions of all of our emotions- joy, love, sadness, forgiveness, and so much more. We use flowers in celebrations at weddings, birthdays, baby showers, and engagements, and we also take comfort in their beauty during more difficult times like funerals and celebrations of life. In all of our special moments, flowers are often present. Floral preservation is an amazing way to keep these memories and sacred moments close to our hearts and in our homes for much longer than a single weekend.




Wedding florals are the majority of our orders! We specialize in symmetrical designs which truly showcase the beauty of your bridal bouquet. We also preserve boutonnières, corsages, invites, and sentimental items from your special day.



While memorial flowers represent the passing of a loved one, they also symbolize the beautiful life that was lived. Memorial preservations allow us to remember our loved ones and cherish our beautiful memories with them. You can include sentimental items, prayer cards, letters, and so much more. 

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Special Occasions

Baby showers, engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, the list can go on and on! There are so many moments in life where we receive flowers for joyous occasions! Why only cherish these flowers for a few days when you can hold on to the memories for a lifetime?! As long as we have availability, we can accommodate last-minute orders, especially if the flowers/special moments are a surprise!!


Air-Dried or Faux Flowers

We accept air-dried and faux flowers as well! As long as your air-dried flowers do not have a lot of dust or mold, and as long as they are not in the freezer, we can preserve them! We also preserve faux flowers such as silk, foam, wood, and other fabric flowers. Create a work-of-art with your florals! You'd much rather have your flowers made into beautiful decor than to have them continue sitting in a closet, right?!

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