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floral preservation pricing

Currently accepting 2024 and 2025 orders!

We DO take last-minute requests for floral preservation! The only time we cannot accommodate is if we are fully booked for that specific month. Please reach out to check our availability!

We do ask that you meet our $400 minimum - you no longer need to purchase a "main block item".

easy payment schedule

Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 2.33.37 PM.png

Discount Code for Local Clients: Dropoff10
Receive 10% off your order if you drop your flowers off! Leesburg, VA

have it all
10x10" Block: $650
12x12" Block: $850

These floral blocks are perfect for fitting in almost every flower possible! If you are looking to preserve your wedding bouquet, this is the one for you! If you have larger blooms such as peonies, large roses, dahlias, or long-stemmed flowers like snapdragons or stock, the 10" or 11" square block will allow you to showcase those flowers in the best possible way.

*Requires 1/3 deposit to secure your spot

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.46.27 AM.png

the symbolic hexagon
9" Hexagon: $600
11" Hexagon: $800

6 Angles. 6 Sides. 

  • Love, Sincerity, Truth, Lovers, Harmony, Equality.

  • Perfection, Integration, Conjoining, Reliability, Dependability, Communication.

Requires 1/3 deposit to secure your spot

in the middle

The 6x6" is my most requested size for funeral preservations and pre-dried preservations. With this size you can expect to have 3-4 large flowers included in the design. Unsure of how large you'd like your floral block to be? Consider how many flowers you'd like included!


*Requires 1/3 deposit to secure your spot

IMG_0221 2.HEIC
Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.53.26 PM.png

one for the books
9"(h) set of 2: $700
5"(h) set of 2: $450

Looking for a unique way to showcase your flowers in your home? Maybe something a bit more functional but includes a large amount of flowers? These bookends are just what you're looking for! Can be purchased as a single or as a set.

Photo shows the 9x6.5" set. Please note the smaller set will only fit 1 medium sized flower and a few smaller flowers per bookend.

*Requires 1/3 deposit to secure your spot

arch of love
10.5x6.5": $550 
7x4.3": $400

The arch is our newest shape and was added for the brides that love all things boho! The modern arch is perfect for longer greenery, boho dried fans, and longer flowers. The shape is narrower and taller which will showcase a more elongated design rather than a centered design like you see in my square blocks.

*Requires 1/3 deposit to secure your spot

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.51.49 PM.png

17x11" acrylic floral tray

Are you looking for a functional way to showcase your flowers that's larger and can act as functional decor? If so, the acrylic tray is perfect for you!

Please note that not all blooms will work for the tray. The tray is 2.5" deep and can only hold flowers up to 2" tall. Some flowers press nicely, while others not-so-much. Please be aware of this prior to purchasing. Addy Marie Designs uses a softer curing resin, which means hot items such as beverages or candles should not be placed on the tray as well as heavy objects.

Requires 1/3 deposit to secure your spot

12x9" rectangle

If your bouquet has longer stemmed florals and greenery , an elongated block would be best with showcasing your gorgeous flowers! If you have large boho fans or dried elements, I also suggest the rectangle shape, as the hexagon and square blocks will not allow these elements to shine as well as the 12x9" rectangle.


Requires 1/3 deposit to secure your spot


floral clock
options: arch or round

We've added another amazing functional option - a clock! You will have the option between our arch clock shape as well as our round clock shape. You will also have the option to choose between a silver or gold clock-face. The face is removable which will allow you to change the clock battery as-needed.

Arch: 4.75” tall x 4” wide

Circle: 3.75” tall x 4” wide

Requires 1/3 deposit to secure your spot

A floral block, bookend, or tray must be purchased to also purchase an add-on.
Add-ons are not sold on their own.

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.54.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.53.16 PM.png

small treasures

The 4x4" square block or 5" mini hexagon is the one for you if you are looking to preserve 1 large rose, flower petals, a boutonnière, corsage, or a snapshot of your bouquet. This size is perfect for gifts to bridesmaids, friends, family, your hubby, or even the flower girl!

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.56.10 PM.png
IMG_0917 2.HEIC
Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.54.26 PM.png

ring holder

To Have & To Hold

Let your ring shine bright on a beautiful diamond faceted ring holder made with flowers from your special day!

*Flowers must be 1" or smaller in width


tea light candle holder

Light of My Life

Our tea light candle holder is available as an add-on to our floral blocks. This beautifully faceted candle holder is great for yourself or as a gift to family members, bridesmaids, or as a memorial piece from a loved one's funeral.
*Must provide small flowers

jewelry dish

Gathered Treasures

Our faceted jewelry dish is perfect for keeping your rings and bracelets in a safe spot! It's a beautiful gift for yourself or for a loved one!
*Must provide small flat flowers, rose buds, or petals

business card holder

Getting Down to Business

Need a fun way to remember your day and hold your business cards? Look no further. This floral biz card holder is perfect for displaying your work or personal cards and adds a beautiful touch to your desk decor!

Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.55.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.53.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 10.52.12 PM.png

wine bottle stopper

For The Wine Lover

Who wouldnt want to think back to their wedding day every time they open up a bottle of wine? Our wine bottle stoppers are made with your gorgeous wedding blooms and come in a faceted and round shape. You also get to choose from either a brass or silver stopper.
*Must provide small flowers, rose buds, or petals

floral letter blocks

Letters of Love

What perfect way to showcase your flowers than by preserving them in the shape of your favorite letter! Perhaps it's the letter of your new last name, or the first letter of your first name and your significant other's!

Letters Available:


We also have the "&" symbol now!

4" floral

Circle of Love
$100 (set of 2) | $200 (set of 4)

Floral rounds allow you to preserve your flowers in a fun new shape! We do requie small, flat flowers for this mold. Please understand that if you do not have flowers that will fit, we will utilize the flower petals rather than the flower in it's full form. 

These are not listed as coasters. We use a softer resin which heavy drinks and hot beverages can damage. However, you may use them in whichever way you'd like!

floral ornament

Holiday Ornament


A festive ornament to showcase your flowers over the holidays and year-round! You have the choice of ribbon color from 25 different shades to best match your wedding colors or your home!

*Flatter/smaller flowers must be used. If you do not have small flowers, flower petals will be used instead. 4x4x1"

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