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The submission of your inquiry does not guarantee a reservation, however, all inquires are handled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Once your inquiry is submitted, if I have availability, I will send you your proposal within 48-hours (M-F) and you will have one week to submit payment for your deposit. 

Before Completing Your Payment...

Floral Preservation with Epoxy Resin is a wonderful art, however there is some risk involved for the client as your flowers are fragile and this is a delicate process. 


When you look on my page, you will see beautifully preserved flowers. While I want that to be the perception, because they are in fact beautiful, they do make changes when they dry depending on the flower

  • Red Flowers: Red flowers are the main culprit - sometimes they dry fire engine red just as you'd want, but most of the time they turn a burgundy color, purple, or sometimes even a brown color (typically mums and spider mums do this)

    • If You Have Red Flowers: Please understand that I have no control over the color-change that will occur. If you do not think the color scheme will be what you want, I have to ask for you to please reconsider spending the money on floral preservations. Some artists perform color enhancing by painting the flowers back to their color, but I personally do not do this as I feel it takes away from the organic look of the flower.

  • Greenery: Some greenery will turn darker. Some greenery will look more wrinkled once dried. Please remember that while silica gel does the best job of preserving the color and shape of a flower/greenery, your floral is no longer it will never look exactly as it did on your wedding day.

  • Flowers That Fall Apart: Please understand that there is a level of risk with resin floral preservation, and really any form of floral preservation. As I pull flowers out of the silica gel, I do it with the most care possible. However, flowers like sunflowers always fall apart and I have to piece them back together. I will always do everything I possibly can to piece a flower back together, but there are times when a flower completely falls apart and we will need to have a discussion about how to proceed.

  • Difficult Flowers to Ship: Anemones, peonies, and garden roses - these are the most difficult flowers to ship. They wilt easily, and they are so fragile because their petals are barely attached to the stem. To ship these, please place them in a container braced/cradled with tissue paper or paper towels. Addy Marie Designs is not responsible for any flowers that are damaged during transit.

Resin Pouring Process:

Resin is art, it's science, it is not a machine-made perfected process - there will be small flaws.

  • Resin can color-enhance once it touches a flower or piece of greenery

    • For instance - think about what happens when you're wearing a shirt and water splashes on it - it get's darker right? Or maybe it becomes more pigmented. It's the same thing with resin. Please understand that colors may vary once the resin is poured

  • Resin can discolor or yellow over time- I use the highest quality casting resins in the industry, so this is uncommon to occur, but it can. Addy Marie Designs is not responsible for any discoloration that occurs 3+ months after receiving your finished order

  • Flowers are porous - if you zoom in on any of my photos with roses, you will see small almost transparent looking parts on the petals. This happens when the resin penetrates a thinner part of the petal. It almost always happens. If you feel that you will not like the look of your floral block because of this, I suggest researching other forms of floral preservation.

  • Bubbles - bubbles are always going to be present no matter how hard I try to get rid of them. Addy Marie Designs goes above and beyond to minimize the amount of bubbles, but please understand that bubbles will occur. Bubbles are more likely to form along the edges of a floral block as well as on the tops of flowers as air releases. I will do everything I can to reduce the amount present in your pieces. Microbubbles are common in every artist's floral block - you may be unable to see them due to artist's editing their photos prior to posting.

  • Not all floral blocks are completely flat on top - I will always try to make the top a completely flat surface, however, if your flowers are very tall and it goes above my 3" mold, there may be very small parts of your flowers that are above the surface. This rarely happens, but it can. The flowers will always be covered with multiple layers of resin which means that even if they are 'exposed' they are protected.

Lastly, shipping issues. I cannot control USPS. If I could hand-deliver all of these floral blocks I absolutely would, but unfortunately I cannot. I have no control over shipping - I almost always ship 2-day priority. I always package finished pieces in my velvet bags and then wrap all items in bubble wrap. I have no control however, if a box gets damaged along the way - this is a risk that you are taking as the client. I've only had 1 person receive a damaged box, and the block inside was still perfectly fine. is a concern so I need to address it. 


Thank you all so much for reading. I believe being transparent and communicative is the most important part of any business, so I wanted to ensure that we are all on the same page regarding expectations. 


You all mean the world to me. I've grown this business from 10 followers to 20k, and I could not have done that without you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 


If you have any questions, please send me a message!

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